Posted by: Chris Maloney | August 21, 2012

Did Dr. Oz Really Endorse That Weight Loss Product Or Did They Just Stick His Face On It?

Dr. Oz and Fan

Dr. Oz and Fan (Photo credit: Be the Change, Inc.)

Believe it or not, people can make money on Dr. Oz.

So, according to Jeff Bercovici of Forbes, many of them are taking Dr. Oz’s image and adding it to their products.  Without his permission.

Dr. Oz is getting a little grumpy about it.  He’s sending out cease-and-desist letters to manufacturers of green coffee extracts because they added his endorsement without his permission.

One offender is Pure Green Coffee, which has been hard to track down.  After putting his face on their site and receiving a cease-and-desist letter, they just changed websites and kept going.

Previously both Dr. Oz and Oprah sued more than forty different companies for using their names to sell acai products.

Since Dr. Oz does not endorse products, seeing his face plastered over any product is a sure sign that the product is NOT to be trusted.

To read Forbes account of the situation, click here. 



  1. […] already addressed the studies on green coffee in an earlier post.  I’ve also noted that Dr. Oz does not endorse products and anyone who says he has endorsed their product may get a legal letter from […]

  2. I actually saw a show with him on Oprah with him making it for her… Now. Anything that happened after that, I am unaware of and I don’t see an elaboration on here about it. Do you have more information?

  3. I had the link to the Forbes account at the bottom. I based the post on that article. Here it is:

  4. I did see this one, however I was curious about the Dr. Oz Green drink which you linked back to me about. I didn’t notice anything about him there as it pertained to that particular topic. Thank you though 🙂

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