Posted by: Chris Maloney | July 1, 2012

Can You Lose Twelve Dress Sizes and 170 Pounds Like This Week’s Women’s Day Cover Lady? Surprisingly, Maybe.

weight loss spa beach boot camp

weight loss spa beach boot camp (Photo credit: ninahale)

Let’s be clear.  I have become a check-out stand reader because I do not believe the covers.  But in this particular case, I have to give the woman credit.

First, there is no time frame for her weight loss.  It is obviously a work in progress.  Instead of the oh-so-popular “Lose X number of pounds in X number of days” headline which sells magazines and fails, she has been working on her weight loss continually, and will continue to do so.

Second, the core to her weight loss was a continued commitment to finding “what worked for her body.”  If you want to know the key to weight loss, it is finding what works for your body.

All of the wonderful, toned and disturbingly enthusiastic weight loss gurus have found what worked for their bodies.  Then they preach their plan to us all.  It’s a bit like preaching to everyone that mini golf will make them happy.  It might make the preacher happy, but each person’s path to happiness is unique.  Unfortunately, so is each person’s path to weight loss.

Third, the particular woman was fortunate enough to figure out that she was allergic to dairy.  She credits that alone for sixty pounds of weight loss.  Figuring out what foods make you fat is a huge step to sane weight loss.  For me it is salted products.  I will literally put on sixteen pounds in a weekend eating out.  More on my particular weight management process at:

So, if you commit to lifelong weight loss, are willing to make dramatic lifestyle and food changes for life, and experiment with what works for you, it seems reasonable that you might just have the chance to lose weight.  I personally won’t be dropping any dress sizes, but that’s because I’m a fella.



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