One Hundred Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips Compressed To One Page

English: Chocolate mousse with strawberries pr...
English: Chocolate mousse with strawberries prepared using silken tofu and soy milk (vegetarian and vegan) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Oz outdid himself with one hundred weight loss tips back in 2010.  Trouble is, there are just too many.  I lost track at 25, so I’ve taken time to compress them all.  The weirdest thing is that I think I’m the first person to go through all the tips, because Dr. Oz repeated himself on 67 and 68.  If he didn’t take the time to read his list, did he really expect anyone else to?  Probably not, because one tip is to keep a weight chart and another tip is to dump the scale for a tape measure.

But here they all are, compressed into a single page:

Plan Your Meals, Buy Just the Ingredients (in bulk), and Eat Regularly.

Eat: Oatmeal (or Eggs), Olives, Salmon (canned?, really good for you), Walnuts, Other Nuts (Soaked?), Salad in Pita Bread, Emergency Packs of Nuts, Red Pepper Flakes, Green Tea, Decaf. Coffee, Smoothies (berries, skim milk, banana, honey, psyllium), Applesauce (Dip?), Hummus, Cinnamon, Salsa, Pureed Fruit on Pita Chips (in season fruits), Veggies in Olive Oil With Garlic, Edamame (soy beans), Soups,  Peanut Butter, Mediterranean Style, Whole Wheat Pasta, Beans, Chicken (with Chilies), Greek Yogurt with berries, Colorful Veggies, Silken Tofu (ins. of cream), mustard (not mayo), Shredded Squash (ins. of pasta), Herbs, Turkey (with olive oil), umami, Apple Slices (ins. of potato chips), melons, tomatoes, and celery, avocados, unsalted pumpkin seeds, Homemade Salad Dressing,  Quinoa, Frozen Fruit,

Drink: Water, Skim Milk,

Don’t Drink:  Soda Pop

Don’t Eat:  Fried Food, Snacks At Restaurants (salad appetizer), “Fat Free Foods,” Junk Food, Sugar In Foods, Salted Foods, The Bun, Mayo, and Cheese on a burger,

Do:  Meditate, Have Sex, Eat Slower, Walk Before Meals, Sleep, Weight Train, Fidget, Avoid Emotional Eating, Weigh Yourself (But Use a Tape Measure?), Chew Sugarless Gum, Start Small, Eat Lean Protein With Every Meal, Plan Weekend Exercise, Eat Breakfast, Eat An Apple Before a Meal, Ask Waiter for Healthiest Option, Eat Leftovers for Lunch, Make a Snack Box (so important it’s 67 AND 68), Only Microwave Health Food, Donate “Fat” Clothes, Hold A five pound weight and think about it coming off, Increase Exercise If Plateauing, Pound Your Meat, Pack Lunches, Use the Steps, Maintain A Good Posture, Take A Nap Ins. of Snacking, Share Your Weight Loss Goals, Take A Self Photo Each Week, Yoga, Wrap Up Extra Food Before Eating, Take A Break Mid-Meal.

Don’t:  Watch TV While Eating, Do Other Things In the Dining Room, Think Food Is Your Only Source of Pleasure,  Make a 100+ Weight Loss Goal (Go for Dress Size), Eat Later Than 7 p.m.

Get:  A Pedometer, Resistance Bands,



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