Dr. Oz’s Cancer Fighting Supplements Checked Out.

Black Raspberries
Black Raspberries (Photo credit: EraPhernalia Vintage . . . (playin’ hook-y ;o))

I always like it when Dr. Oz has a Naturopathic Doctor on his show.  But Dr. Oz should check his credentials more carefully.  No matter, let’s look at the Cancer Fighting Superfoods Dr. Oz is recommending.

Black raspberry A mouse study on breast cancer showed equal, different benefits from blueberries and black raspberries.  Mice ate 5% of their food as either blueberries or black raspberries to get benefits.  In pancreatic cancer cells, black raspberry extract performed as well as turmeric and neem leaf.   All berries help prevent cancer cell growth, particularly if they are extracts and are taken in enormous quantities.

Dark green vegetables  I love dark green vegetables.  The studies that show benefit involve people eating their vegetables, not taking a supplement of a tiny amount of powdered vegetables.

IP-6 one small mouse study, and an amazingly (little too amazing) IP-6 promoting review calling for large scale human studies.

Mangosteen fruit extracts (sometimes of the hull) show some effect on mice and test-tube cells.  No human studies.

Noni Fruit Wonderfully reviewed by another researcher.  Not really effective.

Goji Berry  One mouse study on prostate cancer cells showing some benefit.

Acai Berry  No individual studies.  “Seven berry types were about equally capable of inhibiting tumor progression in the rat esophagus in spite of known differences in levels of anthocyanins and ellagitannins.”  Strawberries, red raspberries, and blueberries performed as well as the more exotic berries in this list.

Selenium  I like selenium.  It is best absorbed as selenomethionine, which is found in garlic.

Vitamin D  I like Vitamin D.  Twenty minutes of sunlight a day.



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