Posted by: Chris Maloney | May 18, 2012

How To Protect Yourself And Your Family Against Flesh Eating Bacteria.

Bacteria solution

Bacteria solution (Photo credit: kaibara87)

Since people liked my post on how to kill flesh eating bacteria, I thought a few words on protection would be in order.  If you don’t really care, truthfully your chances of getting Flesh Eating Bacterial infection in your lifetime are infinitesimally small.  Go spent your time reading about the debauched lives of celebrities or some other more worthwhile pursuit.

Good.  Now that we’ve thinned the herd, let’s get to the business of protecting your family against this nasty.

First:  Have a competent immune system.  The majority of flesh eating bacteria cases have some other illness that compromises the patient’s immune system.  How do you maintain a competent immune system?  A short primer would be under my website post on how to prevent flu and colds.

Second:  Avoid lacerating yourself, cutting yourself, and especially puncturing yourself.  Individuals with a competent skin layer will normally never develop the illness (see one above).

Third:  Treat any injury promptly with antibiotic ointments.  I would give more information about alternatives in this area, but I don’t want to spend a lot of time discussing the benefits of essential oils, herbal salves, or even honey here.

Fourth:  Avoid creating a habitat for Flesh-Eating Bacteria.

A)  Do not over-sterilize surfaces.  Streptococcus species can face serious competition from a variety of other, less harmful, bacteria.

B) Cultivate a diet rich in probiotics and/or fermented foods.  If you haven’t jumped on the probiotic bandwagon my favorite species is sacch. boulardii, but for most families this would be simplified as “add yoghurt.”

A pretty drastic step would be to sterilize the moist areas of the house (bathrooms/kitchen), then lay down a prophylactic layer of probiotics using a standard kitchen sponge.  That will slow or stop any current infectious possibilities.  Also bathe the family pets and give them a probiotic dusting.  As primary sources of petting and re-infection, family pets will need to be periodically redone after extensive human interaction.

C) Keep hand sanitizer in the car and sterilize hands before returning home.  The vast majority of your immigration will take place through your hands.  Backpack straps and briefcase handles are also good targets.  Remember, you can’t keep the bacteria out, but you can weaken it and make sure it has plenty of competition at home.

D)  Maintain a diet high in spices.  Most essential oils (strong smelling compounds) will slow Streptococcal growth.

E) Pay particular attention to dental and mouth hygiene.  Any alcohol-based mouthwash and many toothpastes will slow growth.  Brushing in the evening is a good way to drop bacterial counts of all kinds in the mouth.

F)  Maintain a schedule and get plenty of sleep.  Eat as if your life depended on a competent immune system.  Then relax, all the people who didn’t read this far are going to be more likely to get infected (but only infinitesimally so).



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