Posted by: Chris Maloney | May 1, 2012

The Turbochargers: Weight Loss from Dr. Oz.

A roasted cocoa bean, with the papery skin rub...

A roasted cocoa bean, with the papery skin rubbed loose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve shortened the list because I like to see everything on one page.

Summary:  If you LOVE gargling with spices and looking weird in public places you’ll like these tips.  There isn’t a lot of study proof, but if you’re having fun, who cares?

The Turbochargers: Weight Loss from Dr. Oz.  Here’s the original five page post that I’ve shortened to one page for convenience.

Booster One is rocket fuels:  tomato juice with horseradish, hot sauce and lime.  Ok, definitely a wake-up wonder, but on an empty stomach?  The reflux police might be calling on this one.

The other is Kombucha tea.  The tea is fermented and may contain a tiny amount of alcohol.  Personally, it continues to ferment in me after drinking.  The homemade tea does the same.  The weight loss is based on a tea instead of soft drinks, so any other tea would be fine.

Booster   #2: power pills.

Fucoxanthin 200mg a day “burns stubborn belly fat.”  One study from Russia shows ten pounds of weight loss, doesn’t specify where.  Subjects took 600mg a day.

Sacha inchi 600mg a day to again “burn belly fat.”  One study on lowering lipids (10ml of liquid).  No human or animal studies in medline on weight loss.

L-arginine  2000 mg “promotes lean muscle mass” and “balances hormones.” No weight loss studies.  Sick rats gained more weight and ate more taking arginine.

#3 Alternate calorie days 2000 calorie days with dessert alternating with 1200 calorie days.  Makes you a “fat burning furnace.”  No human studies.  Mice did as well on cholesterol free every other day as on totally cholesterol free diets when lowering cholesterol.

#4 Spices and spirulina

½ TBP of pepper, dill seeds or parsley on every meal.  I get the feeling I don’t want to eat at Dr. Oz’s house.  It sounds a bit…peppery?

And spirulina as a snack.  Maybe as a salad, but as a cookie or a chip?  Sorry, but yuck.  (And I’m  the guy who likes the wasabi peas, gargling with spices and making a fool of myself).


Five rubber bands of ice cold water.  Take a band off for every glass you drink.

Swishing spices in your mouth.  Now its ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric in a glass for gargling.

Time to fidget:  Act like you have to pee all the time.

Power up snacks: wasabi peas (horseradish soaked peas) and bits of straight cocoa bean.

Super power stretch:  unsupported squats with upper-body twists.



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  2. […] The Turbochargers: Weight Loss from Dr. Oz. ( […]

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