Name Pride: The Christopher Maloneys of the World Rock.

Christopher Maloney performing a educational c...
Christopher Maloney performing a educational concert/clinic in Tokyo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I seem a bit narcissistic for googling my name, my saving grace is that I have become fascinated with those other fellows who share my moniker.

I call it Name Pride.  It is, as Barney of How I Met Your Mother would say, a thing.  Or it should be.  Google your name and see who your name brings up.  These are your online Doppelgangers, and it is well to know if any of them are convicted felons.

None of that among the Christopher Maloneys.  We are a studly group of achievers.  In ten pages of google, I came across no convicts, no losers, and no one I wouldn’t want to meet at a cocktail party and laugh about our name similarity.

We begin with a relative, arguably not the same, but clearly associated.

Christopher Meloni, actor extraordinaire, needs no further introduction here.  You can view his film and television credits here.

Our most famous Christopher Maloney is a legendary rock star bassist, who has purchased our name domain:   He has his own facebook, wiki page, and myspace page (where you can listen to his music).

Then we have former baseball player and manager Christopher Maloney, who has the Wiki page

Our Philosophy PhD is well represented by J. Christopher Maloney, who has the bushiest beard among us.  (Many of us have facial hair.)  He teaches in Arizona.

Independent filmmaker Christopher Maloney did a recent film on the unknown creatures of the world.  His trailer is on Youtube under Crytotrip.  He previously did a film on the Death of Andy Kaufmann.

Our most famous political Christopher Maloney is Ohio Republican Communications Director.  If you want the party line, he’s always twittering.

We’ve got an assistant District Attorney, an engineer, the CEO of a renewable energy system, the CEO of a software security firm,  the associate editor of an Encyclopedia, and a Senior Vice President at Wells Fargo Bank.

Oh, and we’ve got doctors.  Mommas, if you don’t want your babies to grow up to be doctors, don’t name them Christopher Maloney.  We have an Arizona plastic surgeon, a Utah Pediatric Doctor and Director, a cardiologist, and yours truly.

What does all this mean about the power of a name?  Well, I’m not the one with a sociology degree, but I would hesitate before calling my child Adolph, or Charles if my last name was Manson.  It might also be worthwhile for parents to look up names online before saddling their little one with some sweet moniker that has already gained notoriety elsewhere.  Elizabeth for the Borden family?  Probably not.  Jame Wilkes for the Booths?  Might want to think that one through.  John for the Thomases?  Might want to look at the overseas connotations first.  But who knows, maybe there’s nothing in a name.  I still like mine.



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