Osteoporosis: Improve Bone Mineral Density on a Gluten-free Diet?

Celiac Awareness
Celiac Awareness (Photo credit: jasoneppink)

Does Exercise Improve Bone Mineral Density for Women on a Gluten-free Diet? – Celiac.com.

According to the literature, 20% of American women have osteoporosis.  A growing number of American men also have lowered mineral densities.

In comparison, 1 in 133 Americans have Celiac disease, many of these undiagnosed.  Many will have signs of celiac in their guts without the symptoms of Celiac disease.  The flattening of the gut wall impedes the absorption of calcium and other nutrients necessary for bone growth.

In discussing osteoporosis, it is important to remember that 60% of the risk is genetic (more at my website).

But that leaves the other forty percent is environmental.  In those families who already have a relative with Celiac, getting checked and trying a gluten-free diet is a good option compared to many of our current options (see video above, or go to: http://www.maloneymedical.com/id10.html).

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