Posted by: Chris Maloney | April 6, 2012

Safflower Oil Each Day, Heart Disease At Bay? If DMII, Ok.

The suetsumuhana (safflower)

The suetsumuhana (safflower) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Dose Of Safflower Oil Each Day Might Help Keep Heart Disease At Bay.

I already posted that diabetic moms-to be might benefit from Safflower Oil.  Here’s a  better analysis of that study.

Does it mean we should do safflower oil?  No, just that this particular group got a slight benefit.  I’m working to give safflower oil a fair presentation.  But I’ve also already tried an entire bottle myself with no weight loss.

I wish Dr. Oz would clarify the extent of the available research, but that isn’t really what pop culture is about.

So if you are currently using lard, upgrading to a glass bottled safflower oil is good.  If you’re a fruitarian, please don’t start adding oil.  For those of us in between, safflower makes an interesting alternative to olive oil.  It isn’t as stable at high temperatures, but has a lighter flavor than cold-pressed olive oil.



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