Posted by: Chris Maloney | April 5, 2012

Doctors seek end to 5 cancer tests.

Physician treating a patient. Red-figure Attic...

Physician treating a patient. Red-figure Attic aryballos, ca. 480–470 BC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Doctors seek end to 5 cancer tests, treatments – Yahoo! News.

It has gotten so bad in modern medicine that the very people who receive payment for the tests have started telling each other not to order them anymore.  An estimated 30% of testing will not benefit the patient in any way.  So why do it?

More testing leads to more procedures, which is a nice word for cutting the patient open, sticking in tubes, and generally causing increased suffering rather than curing anything.  If there is any justification, then go ahead.  But one in three tests will not help the patient and will only cause trouble and pain.

It is no longer enough that we can do the tests.  We have too many tests that we can do, and do anyway.  “What harm is there in testing?”   Lots of harm, lots of waste.  Unnecessary follow-up and unnecessary time in the hospital.

These suggestions by doctors to doctors will not make many change their ways.  It is up to the patients to turn down any test that has not been explained, to turn down every test that cannot be clearly shown to benefit them.  It’s time to start kicking the tires, looking under the hood, and turning down the extras.



  1. It is good to know there are some Doctors out there that aren’t just after the big bucks.thats for your blog.

  2. I wish more doctors really considered going for quality of life over quantity of cash. It would change the medical system from the inside out.

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