How Healthy Is Where I Live?

Cool Toys pics of the day: County Sin Rankings...
Cool Toys pics of the day: County Sin Rankings & the IOM/HHS CHID Event (Photo credit: rosefirerising)

In a factual assessment of what is happening in health, County Health Rankings is providing us with a county by county snapshot of what is happening healthwise in our community.

I learned, for example, that drinking excessively is twice as popular in my county as the national average.  Not surprisingly, motor vehicle crashes are also more common.

I also learned that 30% of my county is obese, and that we have almost twice the number of STDs as the national average.

Let me sum up, we drink too much, we eat too much, and we indulge too much, unsafely.  Not really the image of the stoic Mainer.

So how do we compare worldwide?  The World Health Organization has compiled lots of tables.  The front page reminds us of the continuing glaring disparities, including the headline “1.1 billion people still practice open defecation.”  Now there’s a government headline I never thought I’d see.

So compared to much of the world, we’re doing well.  But, how do I put this nicely, we’re completely being taken for a ride compared to other comparable nations.  We spend way more per capita for terrible results.  Any way you slice the healthcare pie, we aren’t on top.  Given all the hullaballoo about our magnificent health care system, it isn’t working to produce results comparable to anyone else.  If it was a car, we’d trade it in for whatever we could get.


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