Posted by: Chris Maloney | April 4, 2012

A Summary Of 18 Pages of Medical Myths From Dr. Oz’s Live Better Newsletter

Illustration from a collection of myths.

Illustration from a collection of myths. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr. Oz has a newsletter he sends out electronically, and today’s had a long list of medical myths.  I decided to condense eighteen pages of reading into a short list for myself.  I’ll share it with you as well.

I like medical myths.  They can be debunked once and for all.  But a great many of these myths weren’t myths, and I got the feeling a number of the authors were writing to promote themselves rather than deal with an actual myth.

Out the 18 myths, I count about three slam dunks.  The majority were a variation on “it depends,” with many edging toward:  “well yes, but…”  A couple were straight-out self-promotion and one was a rant about compounding pharmacies.  I realize that Dr. Oz doesn’t write any of this stuff, but it makes me wonder just how much research time is expected of an expert before they can spout off.

Here they are, the medical myths and summaries of answers.

Dr. Oz’s Doctors Bust Medical Myths and Lies.  A Summary.

1)  Muscle weighs more than fat.  They weigh the same, but fat is larger, and muscle burns more calories.

2)  Carbs are bad and make you gain weight.   Unrefined carbs are ok.  Refined carbs are bad.

3)  Frozen isn’t as good as fresh.   Only in the summer.  In the winter frozen beats “fresh”.

4) Eating at night makes you gain weight.  Night eating is harder to burn off.  Focus on all day.

5) 12 Grain is best.   100% is best.

6) Bio-identical hormones are what is in our bodies.  Pretty close.  Basically a trash on compounding pharmacies and a promotion of mass pharmacies because they both have access to the same stuff.

7) Ice is better than heat to treat pain.  It depends.  Generally cold at first, switching to warm.

8) Low fat  good, no fat better.  Some fat good, essential.

9) You can tough out depression.  Big push for medical intervention.  Depression serious.

10) More sugar, more cavities.  Longer time sugar in mouth, more cavities.  No mention of saliva.

11) Eggs raise cholesterol.  Yes, but you can have one occasionally.  Hold the bacon.

12) Run through shin splints.  Shin splints are almost a fracture?  Stay off and ice for a few days.

13) Crossing legs causes varicose veins.  Standing, high heels and genetics.  Push for treatments.

14) Butter is bad for you.  Big Ayurvedic push for ghee (clarified butter) instead of butter.

15) Gum will stay in your stomach for seven years.  Goes right through.

16) More exercise, more weight loss.  80% food, 20% exercise.  Too much can make you overeat.

17) No pain, no gain.  Know pain and gain insight in how to move without pain.

18) Fat won’t grow back after liposuction.  Not in the same place, but more grows elsewhere.



  1. I just started watching Dr. Oz. I didn’t like his show last year because it just didn’t feel like it could apply to my age group.
    I like this article because it’s good to seperate myth from reality. Thank you for this post!

  2. […] A Summary Of 18 Pages of Medical Myths From Dr. Oz’s Live Better Newsletter ( […]

  3. […] A Summary Of 18 Pages of Medical Myths From Dr. Oz’s Live Better Newsletter ( […]

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