How Much Should I Weigh?

weight 2.0
weight 2.0 (Photo credit: Esthr)

How Much Should I Weigh?.

As the article indicates, BMI and waist to hip ratio have drawbacks.  What it fails to note is that body fat percentages when read by a scale or hand-held machine are liable to wide error ranges depending on contact moisture and hydration.  I measured my own body fat for a period of months and got as much as a 5% variation from day-to-day.

They also have a bit of math for measuring BMI, when a quick google search will turn up dozens of BMI calculators.

My own preferred method of measuring weight is the usefulness scale.  Can you do what you want when you want to? Does your weight ever get in your way from day-to-day?  Are you currently taking medication because of your weight (cholesterol and hypertension meds qualify)?

Based on the usefulness scale, a person has goals and benefits that don’t count on pounds.  The goal, after all, is to increase your enjoyment of life.  So focus on the areas that would make a distinct improvement in your life now and use that as a marker rather than any of the above.  For me “I was able to decrease my medication” means a lot more than “I dropped five pounds.”


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