Posted by: Chris Maloney | March 18, 2012

Dr. Oz And His 48 Hour Cleanse: How To Do It Without The Grocery List

I think it’s nice to do a cleanse now and then.  Take a break from your regular meals, spend a little less time eating and more time digesting.

On the west coast, a cleanse tends to be pretty intense.  People do juice fasts for several weeks.  I saw patients on water fasts.  If you want to do something that intense, you should have physician oversight.  The two pictures are of the same woman, three forty-day water fasts apart.  Not recommended for anyone!

But then I saw Dr. Oz’s 48 hour cleanse.  He gives a good intro on how the liver needs to talk and then he gives you a two column grocery list to purchase

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, including things like a pint of pomegranate juice, a fennel bulb, and other exotics that most people never purchase.

Oops!  It’s about the cleansing, not the eating, Doc!  If I did this cleanse, I’d spend all my time in the kitchen feeling anxious.  Not the point.

Here’s the bottom line.  If you avoid eating for about fourteen hours, the liver has already dropped the amount of ammonia in your blood by 40%.  That’s how fast it works if you just get out of its way and stop feeding it Cheetos.

So, use a little common sense, and find the least yummy foods already in your refrigerator.  Eat only those for about a day, drinking plenty of water, doing gentle stretching and exercise, and getting plenty of rest.

If you don’t eat for 14 hours (that’s just missing a breakfast for most of us), your medications will also affect the liver much more powerfully.  Discuss this and any dietary changes with your doctor.  If they don’t have time to discuss your diet, start shopping around for someone who does (recent graduates tend to spend more time with their patients and be more open to dietary variations).

Rather than thinking about a generic cleanse, it makes more sense to figure out a cleanse that works for your body.  Diabetics really shouldn’t be going without for extended periods, and would be better served with a liquid diet that would help balance insulin.  Folks with extra weight can either feel great on a short cleanse or start feeling horrible as their body fatstarts letting out some of the stored diesel fumes and office toner it’s been parking away.  Figuring out how your body works is absolutely the best way to make a cleanse functional and pleasant rather than frenzied and painful.

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  2. I think we’d have a lot more people interested in the cleansing idea if he’d just put in a basics page before going directly into his favorite recipes.

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