The Dr. Oz Impossible Question, One Word, And The Free “Ultimate Weight Loss Guide”

"A Voluptuary Under The Horrors of Digest...

Dr. Oz asks his readers to use one word to describe their eating habits.

One sentence:  “I eat what I want except less of those things that don’t agree with me.”

A phrase:  “I eat intuitively”

A word?: “Intuitive.”

How else could someone describe their diet?  “Atkins” or “SouthBeach” (cheating there).

I suppose I could be judgmental:  “carboholic” and “chocoholic” come to mind.

I honestly think people do not know how they eat.  Whenever you have patients do a food diary (write down what you eat for a week) they never come in and say “this is the same every week.”  Usually they say “this wasn’t typical because I went to a birthday party and…”  What we fail to realize is that there isn’t any typical week and there’s always something that throws us off our “typical healthy week.”

So, I’m also interested.  What are the common one words you would use?

In looking for one word descriptions of diet I came across the “Ultimate Weight Loss Guide.”  After reading through it, it has several advantages.  1) it is free.  2) it covers pretty much everything you need to know about calories and 3) it is VERY likely to work WHILE YOU CONTINUE TO DO IT.

Sorry to shout there, but I want you all to imagine whipping out your digital weight scale in the nursing home/alley and weighing out your jello/rat pie fifty years in the future (sorry, we’re either going to change the way we do healthcare or the system is going to crash in the next fifty years.  So the choices are if you’re an optimist or a pessimist).

If you can see yourself weighing your food fifty years in the future, then this is the diet for you.  Otherwise, print it out, stick a twenty dollar bill inside, and put it on your shelf with all the other diet books.  When you dump all your other books to make way for more, then this diet will have a great resale value.



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