Posted by: Chris Maloney | March 8, 2012

M.D. Or N.D., What Should I Be?

2011 Tulane Medical School Graduation

2011 Tulane Medical School Graduation (Photo credit: ghbrett)

In the past decade I’ve fielded a large number of conversations from confused medical students unclear on the differences between the professions of medical doctor and naturopathic doctor.

As part of the dialogue I have realized there is absolutely no way to really look at the two fields comprehensively and have any doubt about which is a better fit for a particular student.  So I put together a book based on our conversations.

Do you need this book?  Answer a few questions:

What percentage of female medical students report being sexually harassed by clinical faculty or their superiors?

How does the suicide rate compare between professions?

What is the average expected workload for a medical student and a resident?  What is the actual workload?

What is the average starting salary for a just graduated N.D.?

What is the time frame within which an N.D. can be expected to earn as much as an M.D.?

What are the fundamental issues facing each profession over the next fifty years?

What are the ten fundamental differences between the professions that determine how happy you would be in either?

If you don’t have the answers, go to Amazon (or Create Space, which give me an extra fifty cents) and find them!


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