Posted by: Chris Maloney | March 7, 2012

What Foods Help with Arthritis? Which U.S. Population Lives Longest?

Percentage of Hispanic or Latino residents by ...

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Here, in a short article, is all the proof you need that diet triumphs over modern medicine.  According to the article: “Latinos in the U.S. have a longer life expectancy than the non-Latino white population.  Given lower average income and access to health care among Latinos, epidemiologists have proposed various theories to explain this puzzling statistic, dubbed the “Latino Paradox.”

I’m glad the epidemiologists can find this, because when I look at the CDC’s report, the health status of the Latino population looks about even with the white population.

Crediting the hot diet doesn’t really address all the differences between populations, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to have spicy food.  Spices are good for a wide variety of ills.  We might even say that adding a new spice to your life now will put off adding a new pharmaceutical to your life later on.




  1. I totally agree with what you’re saying: spices do a great job in cleansing certain toxins out of the body – that probably explains Latinos good life line. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

  2. The article also send Latinos smoke less, and I’d like to see a comparison for physical activity levels. It’s just a wonderful comparison between having more access to the health care system (wealth and insurance coverage) versus taking better care of yourself. Something to take to heart in these tough economic times.

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