Posted by: Chris Maloney | March 5, 2012

Christopher Meloni: Do What You Love.

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If you have a fairly common name like I do, google now blesses you with not only a sense of yourself but also of what other people with a similar name have done in their lives.

I’m proud of the Christopher Maloneys out there.  We have doctors (lots of doctors -moms-to-be take note), a philosophy professor, a marketing guru, and we get to list Christopher Meloni as one of us because google does.

If you know Christopher Meloni, chances are you have a crush on him.  Honestly, I’ve never watched his shows, but the buzz is that he’s way hot.

But that doesn’t matter to me.  As a dad I love Meloni’s work ethic and his dedication to his family.

If you’ve ever considered the career of actor, it’s a little like trying to be an astronaut.  Even if you have the talent and the stamina to outlast the competition, actually landing a paying job is dependent on so many factors completely out of your control.

Meloni has to work really hard just to stay in place.  Fourteen hours a day are a normal occurrence.  But he carves out time when he can.  “I have to work out for my sanity, but I have to see my children for my soul.”

Amen from all of us.  For more on this amazing fellow, click hereOr hereOr here.




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