I’d say as a society we’ve become adrenal junkies, but there are those that can ride the high and the rest of us just feel nervous and ill all the time. The answer is to step off the merry-go-round and just be for a bit. If the silence is terrifying, embrace it all the more.

Paris D'Aglion


You know someone like this: They are constantly living on the edge, either as a “drama queen” or “drama king,” or they are competing in dangerous activities such as racing, performing stunt actions, participating in extreme sports and so-called X Games, or drinking, smoking and imbibing too much.

Maybe this person (or persons) is constantly living in a roller coaster fashion of emotional highs and lows brought on by choices, although rarely recognized as having any input or control over the emotionally charged circumstances.

Perhaps this is a victim or an abuser, feeding on the constant flow of stressors and fear factors. Even victims get a charge out the victim behavior: While the victimizer has a huge rush of adrenaline before and during an attack, so does the victim who experiences the fight or flight reaction and must always be on high alert.

Some folks fight with drivers they’ll never really get to…

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