Posted by: Chris Maloney | January 27, 2012

What Do Homeopaths Really Mean By Homeopathy?

Old homeopathic remedies

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Here is an exhaustive discussion about homeopathy and the need to really define homeopathy so that we stop having “homeopathic” supplements cause people problems. Uta does a wonderful job of calling the homeopathic community to task and also turns the whole homeopathy/conventional debate on its head by stating that homeopathy is the only truly scientific medical modality because of the process of its creation and its constant improvement upon itself. She says it much better, though.

Clever Homeopathy

An exploration and critical analysis of the terminology used to describe ultra high dilution, the position of homeopathy in medicine and its relation to science – a demand for agreement on inter- and cross- disciplinary definition and vocabulary.


In homeopathy there is a lack of consensus on the terminology used to describe it. The meaning of nomenclature is frequently not what we are expressing in words, because the terms we are using are not universal to the discipline of homeopathy. This fosters criticism, misinterpretation and confusion. The words describing `ultra high dilution´, serve as an example to illustrate this requirement for agreement on semantics.

Even outside the realms of homeopathy there is no agreement on a joint language. Medicine as a generic term, repositions homeopathy, and raises questions of the place of homeopathy as a science.

The dominant paradigm of science is ignorant of immaterial notions; therefore the question…

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