Posted by: Chris Maloney | January 23, 2012

High School Student Finds Cancer Cure.

The Human Body -- Cancer

Image by n0cturbulous via Flickr

In a big, big, slap in the face of all those old, extremely highly paid cancer researchers, a seventeen-year-old has found a cure for cancer.

Basically, it involves using a nanoparticle to drag a miniature plastic sack full of poison to the cancer cells.  Then you heat up the bag and the poison kills the cancer while missing the healthy cells.

It’s more of a greatly improved delivery system than a cure, but it’s like Fedex in a world where the current chemo model is to paper the entire body with poisoned leaflets and hope the cancer picks up enough before the healthy cells die.

So far, the treatment has only worked in mice, but they’ll hopefully be starting human tests.  Let’s hope it works in people as well.  Oh, and the student won a science prize for her project.



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