Posted by: Chris Maloney | January 5, 2012

Nick Cannon Hospitalized With “Mild Kidney Failure.” No such animal.

English: Nick Cannon at Time 100 Gala

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Nick Cannon has reportedly been hospitalized with mild kidney failureThe LA Times tried to track down what this might be from the National Kidney Foundation.  They said:  “In the medical community, Becker said via a media rep, there really is no term called “mild kidney failure.”

It’s not like a mild heart attack or a mild stroke.  If the kidneys fail, they fail.  The system is intricate and involved.  It depends on the constant flow to maintain its ability to filter the blood.  When that fluid stops, we’re talking buildup of ammonia, other waste products, and just generally very unhappy metabolism.

So here’s hoping that what Nick has is a mild kidney inflammation, not a failure.

As to causes, the National Kidney man speculated:  “Causes of Cannon’s condition, Becker added, could include an illness, dehydration, or taking an over-the-counter medication such as Motrin or Advil.”

Yes, those over-the-counter pain meds can fry your kidneys.  Not something the makers of Advil or Motrin really want a celebrity advertising.

I’m really hoping this was a mistake in how the illness was described, and not something as serious as kidney failure.


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