Finding The Five Food Felons And Staying Fit In the Future.

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Ok, I just like the way that sounds.  The idea of the five food felons comes from a well-intentioned and interesting post from one of Dr. Oz‘s contributors, Mike Roizen, M.D.

In his post, Dr. Roizen lists the felons as:  “saturated fats, trans fats, added sugars, syrups and any grains that aren’t 100% whole.”  As with all simple advice, I’d have to put this one down as too general.  The only thing I can really call a felon is trans fat, and I wonder if I described butter, maple syrup, and white pancakes as felons (sat. fat, syrup, and white flour) if the average Maine pancake place would agree.

In my experience, telling people to avoid something puts it directly on their radar and almost assures that it will be consumed in the next 24 hours.  I would much prefer that people ate really well for two days and then had what they wanted on the third day.  It’s doable and people don’t blanch when you say “for the rest of your life.”

Should you avoid the five felons?  Yes.  What are my five felons?  1) processed food (I don’t care how natural it is) 2) food you automate (Dr. Roizen recommends this, which makes me think he is one of those people who don’t really enjoy food and therefore should not give advice to those that do).  Food should be gloried in.  It is a fantastic way to make friends and influence people!  Eat it with extreme pleasure and gusto.  Anything you shovel in your mouth automatically is wasted.  3) Food you feel guilty about eating, guilty for craving, and fixate on.  Have some already!  Get on with getting a life.  If it’s bad for you, don’t eat it every day.  4)  Food that you don’t enjoy and couldn’t eat slowly with pleasure.  5)  Food that doesn’t feed you on multiple levels (emotionally, physically, and spiritually).

If we can be clear, none of the advice on dieting works because people are unable to stick to the diet.  So every year about this time the interest in dieting spikes, and drops within two weeks of January.

Try not to make that your year.  Eat starting today as if you were eating for the rest of your life.  Make your food a joy, and watch the body correct itself gradually.  Pull out the old recipe books from grandma, and look to your own ethnic and cultural heritage for an older, better diet that works for you on multiple levels.


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