Posted by: Chris Maloney | December 14, 2011

Do The Biggest Losers Keep It Off?

Biggest Loser Chart

Image by camknows via Flickr

So you get into the Biggest Loser challenge.  You win!  But do you keep the weight off?  Keep in mind that statistically most people regain their weight within five years.

Unfortunately the Biggest Loser doesn’t follow its contestants and they drop out of sight unless they are busy promoting themselves as weight loss gurus.  Those few individuals do keep their weight off for the most part.  But a number of former contestants do not.

The biggest take home from the Biggest Loser is that you need to continue to live the lifestyle.  So in order to really show the benefits, the program really needs to continue to work with its contestants.  That would be an inspirational program!  Show me the Biggest Loser twenty year reunion program.



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