Posted by: Chris Maloney | December 1, 2011

Consumer Reports: Arsenic in Apple, Grape Juice. Support For Dr. Oz’s Concerns.

After a huge debate, the evidence has come down in favor of Dr. Oz’s report about arsenic in apple juice.

Consumers Report: Arsenic in Apple, Grape Juice.

The report found that nine of eighty-eight samples had arsenic above the EPA’s limit for arsenic.  The FDA uses a level of 23 parts per billion for apple juice, and the EPA uses 10 parts per billion for water, based on the idea that children consume water far more than juice.  None of the samples had deadly inorganic arsenic.

So no one will be dropping dead of arsenic poisoning from apple juice.  But children under six are theoretically not supposed to drink juice at all because of the high calories.  And the FDA has never seized any shipment of juice for arsenic levels that were too high, which leads to the suspicion that they really haven’t been monitoring the situation.  The safe levels of arsenic for a child under six to consume are zero.  It’s an impossible level to achieve, but Dr. Oz made a very valid point on his show that there isn’t enough oversight in this area.

The most telling aspect of this whole debate is that Dr. Oz was smeared by a range of government and non-government groups for reporting the truth.  It is a troubling time when the protection agencies who should be doing the work spend more time denouncing those that are doing their jobs for them.



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