Posted by: Chris Maloney | November 27, 2011

Cochrane Review Finds Low Salt Diet Raises Cholesterol and Triglycerides

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American Journal of Hypertension – Effects of Low-Sodium Diet vs. High-Sodium Diet on Blood Pressure, Renin, Aldosterone, Catecholamines, Cholesterol, and Triglyceride Cochrane Review.

I can’t add anything to what they conclude.  “low- vs. high-sodium diet in Caucasians with normal BP decreases BP <1%.”  It doesn’t work to lower blood pressure, and “sodium reduction resulted in a significant increase in plasma cholesterol (2.5%) and plasma triglyceride (7%), which expressed in percentage, was numerically larger than the decrease in BP.”

So, we were wrong.  Plus, if your doctor has put you on low salt, then added that you need to drop your cholesterol and triglycerides, they’ve just made sure they have work in the future.

Thanks to the AANP website for bringing my attention to this study.


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