Posted by: Chris Maloney | November 21, 2011

Science Writer Calls Prince “Fixated” On Natural Medicine.

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In an unusual twist, the Daily Mail Reporter attributed the “Royal We” to science writer Simon Singh.  Rather than simply reporting that someone who hates alternative medicine still hates alternative medicine, they went a step further.  Singh became:  “Scientists line up to attack Prince Charles’ ‘fixation’ with alternative medicines
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So a science writer is now a scientist (well, he is a scientist, in physics).  Ok, and he’s plural.  Right.  So lots of little Singh clones took to the stage to indicate their outrage that Prince Charles won’t agree with him.

Darn it all, this fixation that much of the world has with alternative medicine is just due to celebrity endorsements by people like Prince Charles, according to Singh.  How remarkable that we all have such unending respect that we don’t realize that nothing is working for us.  Singh claims that alternative medicine mostly doesn’t work, which is an iffy thing to claim when also claiming to be an objective science writer.  But Singh is mostly famous for throwing the entire profession of chiropractic under a bus as worthless and then fighting like a dog to not lose his shirt from a libel suit.  So forgive me if I’m relatively unmoved by his current tirade.  I just think it’s interesting he got treated like royalty.

I think it’s wonderful that Singh found Ernst, another hater.  Together they published a book which -surprise- found that alternative medicine doesn’t work.  Ernst also periodically publishes reviews that always seem to show whatever alternative treatment he’s reviewing doesn’t work.  It doesn’t matter what other scientists find, these guys are certain of their position.  But it’s Prince Charles who’s fixated.  Right.



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