Michelle Duggar: How Healthy Are Twenty Pregnancies?

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In celebrity/reality TV news, the prolific Duggars are going for baby number twenty.  As a parent, I really have to wonder:  When do they even have time to try?  Really.  Isn’t one of more of their brood awake and crying at all hours?  Does Mr. Duggar find the pitter patter of little feet an aphrodisiac, and what exactly do they tell their many children when they are “busy?”

Moreover, I find myself overwhelmed with the needs of several (two) offspring.  We no longer live in a time when you can shoo the children outside to play.  Playdates, sports, activities, all need chauffeuring.  How do the Duggars ensure that each of their children has happiness equal to their peers?

So, here we are at twenty.  How is the ol’ body holding up?  We don’t have definitive studies on human pregnancies in this volume.  Yes, in olden times women gave birth this often and also died in their forties.  So that data isn’t terribly useful.

In Michelle Duggar‘s case we have a bit more information (click on it for an article talking about the possible health effects of her twentieth).  During her last pregnancy she developed pre-eclampsia, a life threatening side effect of pregnancy.  So let us all pray that Michelle stays healthy for this pregnancy.  Her children all need her.

And, despite my concerns, congratulations are in order for the Duggars.  It is always a great thing when people are able to conceive.


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