Posted by: Chris Maloney | November 4, 2011

The Best Diets Have Been Rated And There’s a Winner!


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WebMD reports on twenty experts opinions’ of the top diets.  Strangely enough, the DASH diet, which was probably created by the experts friends and colleagues, got top marks.  They also thought Italy would be nice this time of year, and scored the Mediterranean diet high.

But what they really said, and the CLEAR winner, is “the diet that you can stick to.”  Regardless of whether you pick Ornish or Atkins, if you want to go South Beach or just go raw food, the whole point is that you have to stick to the diet for life. 

The experts all know this.  They also know that, statistically, no one sticks to any of these diets over a five year period.  So this was a great opportunity to dig at that fellow Atkins, placing him at the bottom of the pile.  

Whatever you call the diet doesn’t really matter.  I’m much prefer Joe Schmoe call his diet “the Joe-Schmoe-I-eat-mostly-healthy-things-I-like-for-the-rest-of-my-life” diet rather than following someone else’s ideas for a few weeks. 

Ranking diets as best or worst has very little validity.  Best for whom?  Worst for whom?  Mostly raw, simple, pureed foods are great if you’re nine months old with three teeth.  Atkins is better for diabetics.  Plants are very helpful unless you have a problem with digesting them. 


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