Weight Loss Made Simple

Weightloss pyramid.
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The following is a short list of the things that affect weight loss.  Each aspect could fill a book, but the whole is important to get a sense of all the things that can distract and derail a weight loss attempt.

Weight Loss Made Simple

Step One:  Give Up

Focus on getting fitter, feeling better, and having more reserves to do what you need to do.  Weight fluctuation with destroy your will.  Getting fitter is much more constant, and you can see consistent gains.

Step Two:  Deal With the 800 pound gorilla.

Hormones must be within range.  If you are PMSing or perimenopausal with hot
flashes every six minutes, we cannot keep weight within a reasonable range.  If you are up all night urinating or you haven’t had a sex drive in ten years, it’s going to be hard to keep your body weight normal.

Sex hormones: testosterone and estrogen

Adrenal hormones: Cortisol

Thyroid hormones: Body temperature.   If you are cold, you can lose weight, but it’s like driving a car with a flat tire= much harder!

Step Three:  Find the Minimum Required.

All diets fail because the person involved is doing more than they will do for the rest of their lives.  We need to find the minimum you need to do to maintain weight and lose weight.  More is not better, because it means faster failure of the program.

Step Four: Metabolism

Bursts of metabolic burning.  1-3 minutes of enjoyable (repeatable/easy to do) exercises.

Empty stomach= fat burning.
Before meals= insulin sensitizing.
After meals= glucose into muscles, not fat.

We exercise to increase reserves, not to lose weight.  The exercise you do is the exercise you love.  We can find one.

Step Five:  Many small meals of high fat/protein.

Large meals=bigger stomach (binges are much worse).  Smaller meals= glucose more stable.  Protein/fat=burn slower, glucose more stable.  Small means five nuts, ¼ bar,
etc.  (you can eat more).

Step Six: Self-love.  No self-hatred tapes!  No calorie restriction.  No limiting yourself in any way.  Do not “add in” other restrictions to punish yourself.  The program is for life.  Self-hatred is self-defeating.  Love the vehicle you have and help it perform to the best of its ability.

Step Seven: Cheating

Once every seven days you must cheat!  Eating anything you want, in any quantity.  By doing this you a) allow yourself to relax and b) reset the body’s hormones to allow you to have continued weight loss.  The body will otherwise go into starvation mode and you will find yourself gaining weight with minor variations in food intake.

Step Eight:  Cold is good. 

The body is a combustion engine.  If you use cold showers you will generate heat loss.  You will also push the blood from the extremities into the core, allowing an exchange for the digestive organs.

Step Nine: Tracking

You must keep track of what is going on.  If you do the program you’ve selected for
four days then eat your body weight in cheesecake and sink into deep depression, that is good information to have.  It means that your issue around food and weight are not being addressed.  If you do the program for three weeks, then “forget” about it, then we see your own inability to deal with your success.  If you can’t do the program for even a week, then we need to switch you to the four days a week weight loss program.  Knowing yourself is the key to a successful life.

Step Ten:  Feedback

Do not rely on yourself for all your input.  Get a sense of those around you.  If all your friends and family are heavier than you are, then you will be running uphill as you start to get healthier.  Understand you are part of a social network.  Make sure you have supporters and that your network has the ability to deal with a new, more
assertive you.

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