Posted by: Chris Maloney | September 28, 2011

Death By Spinach? Listeria Shouldn’t Be Dropping Us Like Flies.

North American "cantaloupes"

Image via Wikipedia

Well, the cantaloupe deaths keep rising from Listeria.  I already pointed out in Death By Cantaloupe that we don’t have to fear this particular bacteria, just be careful of it.

But now Publix supermarkets have found the bacteria in their spinach dip.  So evidently the fella who cuts up the slices of cantaloupe you can buy in the fresh produce section isn’t washing his hands before he starts preparing the spinach dip.

Up here in Maine, we aren’t listed as a target for the deadly cantaloupes.  Even so, cantaloupes are REALLY cheap right now, because those darn Listeria could reach out and rip your face off.

Not really.  According to Mayo Clinic, those purveyors of culinary tips, simple food safety guidelines are all that is necessary.  So I’ll be eating my cantaloupe and thanking all my fellow Mainers for making it really cheap by avoiding it.  I don’t know about the spinach dip, but mostly because I’m not sure what spinach dip is.  Is it made of spinach or is it for dipping spinach?  If it’s for dipping, then I prefer a good honey mustard.


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