Should We All Join Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Clinton On Vegan Diets?

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According to the LA Times, Bill Clinton is loving his lack of meat and dairy.  Around the same time, the Miami Herald says Ellen DeGeneres has started up a website called Going Vegan with Ellen.

So what gives?  Are we all going to take the plunge?

The reality is that we don’t truly know if being vegan is good for everyone.  When doing studies on vegetarians vs. meat eaters, the vegetarians come out ahead. (Vegetarians still consume eggs and dairy, while vegans avoid all animal products).

Nothing new has come up about the vegan diet recently in terms of the research.  But major nutritional expert panels like the American Dietetic Association have come down in favor of a vegetarian or vegan diet as a dietary choice that is healthy.

There are specific nutritional concerns that are different for vegans, but these can be addressed with supplements or careful planning.

Recently we’ve seen an absolute exponential growth in the promotion of protein (meat) based diets for health.  While possibly helpful in the short-term for health changes, there is no long-term evidence that a high protein diet is superior in any way to a vegan diet.

On the plus side, researchers have shown that ANY dietary change is likely to be an improvement on the standard american diet.  So whether one goes vegan or high-protein, it’s a step in the right direction.  Just do something that you can maintain FTROYL (For the Rest of Your Life).

For those skeptical of the perils of lifelong, daily meat consumption, have a look at the China Study.  If you don’t like the study, find a larger one that contradicts the findings.


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