Posted by: Chris Maloney | August 21, 2011

Energy Changes in the Body From Sugar Intake Measured.

Old Chinese medical chart on acupuncture meridians

Image via Wikipedia

The article is written about energy under a Chinese medicine context, but to bring out the western version of what they found, there are measurable changes in different parts of the body after sugar intake.  From a Chinese medicine view you can group people into different reactivity groups and show consistent changes to sugar within those groups.

Again for western purposes this sort of specific electrical response is completely ignored.  But it is unnecessary to accept all the tenets of Chinese medicine to understand that sugar is generating measurable, variable, and individualized electrical changes in the body.  It is this sort of specific information that would be helpful to overweight patients unable to lose weight and to diabetics with  lymph edema.  The meridian lines in Chinese medicine often correspond with lymph drainage, and western medicine has great difficulty with lymph edema.

Here’s the link:


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