Intuition Is Simply A Well Developed Brain: Helps Prevent Bullying.

Wonderful Google lecture on the mind.  Thirty minutes into it, Dr. Siegel notes the ten uses of the prefrontal cortex.  The ninth is intuition.  So those who believe that they don’t have intuition are probably right.  They have a less developed prefrontal cortex.  They could do mindfulness training and develop their intuition, but since one of the other aspects of the prefrontal is empathy, it is unlikely they will want to for all of our sakes. 

The unfortunate reality is men tend to be those with both less intuition and less empathy.  Isn’t it strange that we allow them to run the world?  Mindfulness training for your unwilling partner?  Send him out to do sports.  It’s the closest thing most people will get to a minfulness state.  Or make him watch the training tapes of the Chicago Bulls.  They used mindfulness training to improve their game. 


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