Posted by: Chris Maloney | June 24, 2011

The Chlorophyll And Chloroform Search Murder Defense.

August 9 2005---June 16 2008

Image by ღ~CHARMERS~ღ via Flickr

So, in gruesome news, Casey Anthony is accused of murdering her child with chloroform.  In her defense, she claims she was searching for chlorophyll online, not chloroform, when confronted with her computer records. 

So, like anyone else with a little interest, I just did a chlorophyll search.  In the first ten pages I did not find a single cross reference to chloroform.  So I did a search on “chlorophyll poison dogs” because she says she was worried her dogs were eating poisonous bamboo in the yard.  Nothing on chloroform.  If you look more specifically for bamboo, you get nothing.  But bamboo shoots do sometimes contain cyanide.  That would be a reasonable search.  Not chloroform. 

Armchair verdict?  You decide. 


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