Posted by: Chris Maloney | June 1, 2011

Sleep: The Forgotten Key to Health and Wellness

Stage N3 sleep; EEG highlighted by red box. Th...

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Well, this has got to be one of my favorite topics.  If you don’t sleep, you end up with something sooner or later.  My weight loss research shows that a good night’s sleep is an effortless way to increase weight loss.  The shorthand is to sleep in 11/2 hour segments so that you can get a full cycle.  Make sure you dream, because dreaming is part of the processing that takes place.  People who crash into deep sleep and wake up half dead are barely getting repair, much less preventative brain maintenance.  (What did you think that dream about your aunt meant?  It was probably just a stuck synapse that they fixed up in your frontal lobe.)


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