Know Who’s Making You Fat? Your House! Really.

Conservatorio de Ibagué
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Well, I just looked through the article on nine ways our homes make us fat at the U.S. news site.  It missed several of the ways you could lose weight, like buying a Cape two-story house rather than a Ranch style one story house.  But what it did say made me think that we all need remedial courses in commercial retailing.  Blue helps you eat less, red and yellow make you eat more.  Quick, name the restaurant that screams red and yellow.

I like the idea of soothing music and aromatherapy to slow eating.  It makes sense to have classical music and scents wafting through those restaurants where they serve you a lettuce leaf wrapped around a stalk of asparagus and call it a masterpiece.

But of all the tips, I liked the ones where you are poor.  Poor people eat more slowly, and are far more likely to have the heat turned down low so they can shiver those pounds away. 

Maybe that’s what the great recession is about.  They’ve given up on trying to get us all to lose weight, so they’ll make us all so poor we eat properly and shiver off the pounds.  It’s a grand medico-banker-governmental conspiracy. 

For those of us here in Maine, we are literally coming out of winter hibernation into full summer with a few days of spring in between.  So this is the time to start dropping pounds like a bear or a woodchuck.  Try chasing each other around like the squirrels.  Or borrow a child under the age of five and just try following them for half a day.  It beats Olympic sports for weight loss.   

Tell me what you think!

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