Radiation No Problem In U.S., Japan Sets Up Safenet

Geiger-Müller radiation detector.
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According to the EPA, we no longer need to monitor radiation levels in the U.S.  “Those levels are really inconsequential to human health, and I think probably (the EPA’s) resources in terms of radiation monitoring are best spent elsewhere right now.”  Really?  I’m sure that there are more important issues than radiation dripping from the sky that could affect every single U.S. citizen for the next twenty years.  If you look at my previous posts, the things that have been dropping from the sky are the same sorts of things that the EPA wants us to spend thousands of dollars to remove from our homes. 

Meanwhile in Japan they’ve moved from official radiation monitoring to community monitoring nationwide.  They’ll have Geiger counters everywhere because nationwide monitoring is necessary to adequately address the emergency. 

To recap:  the Japanese will have geiger counters everywhere because there’s a crisis, the U.S. has officially declared there is no crisis and has stopped monitoring.  All we need now is the head of the EPA on a warship with a “Mission Accomplished” banner behind him.   


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