Posted by: Chris Maloney | April 21, 2011

Improve Your Brain in Five Minutes A Day: Sit Still.

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One of the most amazing things about modern life is how little time we spend living it.  At any moment we have half a dozen things to distract us from the moment. 

Our constant distraction is actually bad for our brains.  A new study using MRI machines on individuals who meditate show that they increase their grey matter.  The study was reported by NCCAM, which is generating a number of positive studies about alternative medicine.   Here’s a quote:  “Brain images in the meditation group revealed increases in gray matter concentration in the left hippocampus. The hippocampus is an area of the brain involved in learning, memory, and emotional control”

So let’s take a minute to be mindful.  Having trouble?  You could take a trip to northeastern Thailand and live with the monks.   

Or, you could take a few minutes to look over Achaan Chah’s teaching here at home.  I like his teaching because it’s all about shutting up and listening to yourself.  He didn’t allow his disciples to get soft.  When he died, they donated all the money gifts to support the local hospital. 

If you just cannot get any time for any of this, it’s time to take time.  We cannot live if we never take the time to pause and enjoy it. 


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