Radiation Network: Community Based Radiation Reporting.

Geiger-Müller radiation detector.
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I just had a wonderful discussion today about setting up a Maine based community radiation reporting network for Maine.  The reality of radiation is that it tends to swirl and eddy like dust in the winds.  So we could have almost no exposure and/or concentrated exposure depending on the weather. 

The idea of a community based network is that we are currently dependent on local government.  They are dependent on the federal EPA or other agencies, who rely far too much on the honesty and prompt reporting of industry experts.  I’m not saying the system is broken, I’m saying a comprehensive, stage by stage plan for dealing with something like what happened in Japan here in Maine doesn’t exist. 

I am sure that if a major spill happened, we would all know about it.  But if something were to be leaking over a period of time, it is very likely that industry spokespeople would downplay both the danger and the necessary clean up.  To do otherwise would be financial suicide for even the largest corporation. 

So we’ve reached a crazy time where it isn’t that illogical to own a geiger counter.  It would be nicer if we could share them around, and don’t go running off and buying an expensive one as I’m working to have the plans available.   Currently helpful community members are already nationwide providing inputs for all of us.  Thank you, geiger toting volunteers!  Here’s the map, updated almost constantly.  http://radiationnetwork.com/ 

So the rest of us can breathe a little easier. 


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