Posted by: Chris Maloney | April 6, 2011

In Defense of Kava: Article in the American Liver Foundation Magazine.

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A while back consumer reports did a piece on herbs that can cause harm.  They did a pretty bad job of covering the really harmful herbs, and did a hatchet job on Kava Kava.  I had the opportunity of correcting the record in my column in the American liver Foundation magazine:  Healthy Liver Today.  I’ve been a columnist since 2004, but it seems like the magazine may be winding down. 

Have a read at the Foundation website: 



  1. Hi Christopher — When I can’t sleep, kava is my first choice. I find it to be mild and without any bad side effects. I use a kava kava extract and I only use about 8 drops in a tiny bit of water. On the bottle, it says to use a dropperful, which I believe is about 30 drops. No wonder so many people have problems with it – the dosage is way too high.

    I find kava to be useful if you use it correctly – a small dose taken an hour before you are ready to go to sleep. When the hour is up, be in bed with your eyes closed, ready to sleep. The Kava will put you to sleep – a beautiful, peaceful REM sleep. And you will wake up refreshed with no residual side effects. 8 drops – not 30.
    I wrote about this in F is for Fatigue Fighters – 4 Fabulous Fixes.
    Thanks for writing more about this.

  2. Dear Carole,

    Thanks for the specifics! I find that many of my starting-out-on-herb patients prefer the capsules, but I only recommend specific brands to avoid the possibility of hexane exposure during the extraction process.

  3. Hi Christopher — The brand I use is Gaia Herbs and they say they use only USP grade grain alcohol and water to extract the kava. Thanks for the heads up about watching out for other methods of extraction that might diminish the wholeness and purity and holistic natural health benefits! Carole

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