Posted by: Chris Maloney | April 5, 2011

Homeopathic Treatment for Our Upcoming Radiation Cloud?

Potassium iodide

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The Huffington Post ran an article by Dana Ullman on the use of homeopathics for radiation exposure.  I much prefer the use of homeopathics daily to potassium iodide because 1) you’ll need to do it over the next twenty years (according to Chernobyl data) 2) by that time the potassium iodide will have done havoc to your thyroid and 3) if you just wait and see, chances are you’ll miss the one day you’ll need the iodide

Now, if you look at previous posts on radiation (or just visit my website) you’ll realize I’m not that big a fan of being terrified of our current exposure.  I was emailed a chain letter that we should all pray for the quick resolution of the Japanese Nuclear crisis, and that I really like because those exposed to the radiation don’t need anything more to go wrong. 

For those of us far, far away from the issue, now is the time to reach out our hands in support, not to tighten our hands around bottles of iodide. 



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