Posted by: Chris Maloney | March 30, 2011

Sleep and Stress, Not Calories Alone, Make You Fat.

Weightloss pyramid.

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Lovely new study on obese individuals trying to lose weight.  Remarkably, they found out exactly what I found out after two years of experimenting on myself.  Sleep deprivation and elevated stress levels completely destroy your ability to lose weight

The problem is that programs like Weight Watchers are hell-bent on calories  as a focal point.  We desperately need people to be able to lose weight when they need to, so we need to redirect the focus of weight loss programs. 

Let’s look at the Dean Ornish model.  It isn’t that he figured out that low fat, high plant foods, support groups and yoga were good.  It is that he continued to work with patients, giving classes, keeping them focused.  In short, his program created a community all working together toward a common goal.  His patients were also very motivated because they saw death as their alternative (he worked with people post heart attack). 

So if we’re going to have people losing weight, Weight Watchers has the first part down, a support group.  But that support group must also focus on making food look good, making movement enjoyable, and not backtrack to a system of “points” that allows people to continue to engage in the behaviors that have gotten them where they are.  No, you can’t continue to do the things you done in the past  if you don’t want to be where you are now in the future.   

If you wonder where you should start, have a look at my material on weight loss.  I’ve put up two years of my own weight fluctuations with notations on the relative factors.  Your individual results will vary from mine.  That’s the point.  Your path to weight loss is like your path in life, you need to know what works for you.   



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