Posted by: Chris Maloney | March 27, 2011

Hypertension: Only Home Readings Count!

Main complications of persistent high blood pr...

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Andrew Weil just did a nice piece on hypertension in which he repeated what should be the only standard for diagnosis:  repeated home readings. 

In my most recent search of pubmed, it is clear that white coat syndrome is far too extensive to trust in-office readings as accurate.  I have at least one patient who goes into a full panic attack when approached by a nurse, which gives a sense of just bad it can be. 

My focus in terms of hypertension is that I see it as a side effect of other issues.  The aggressive control of hypertension can be achieved with multiple pharmaceuticals and with fairly toxic herbs.  But overwhelmingly I see a fluctuation in blood pressure that corresponds to the stresses of modern day life. 

The information about hypertension I’ve posted is under:  I’ve also linked in a YouTube video of yours truly explaining some of the issues I see in the treatment of hypertension today. 


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