Posted by: Chris Maloney | March 9, 2011

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

mobile phone masts

Another person asked me whether cell phones cause cancer today.  I looked around on medline, and it would appear that, even in the medical community, there is a lot of loud discussion.  We see a number of positive studies from one university, and some negative studies from another university.  These are studies that involve beaming cell phone radiation onto petri dishes with amniotic cells.  So the only question that really will answer is whether junior should get a cell phone while in the womb.  Let’s go out on a limb and say intra-utero cell phone usage is probably a bad idea. 

Otherwise, we’re talking about cell phone usage of 24 to 72 hours straight, and less than half the studies are coming up with any cellular change.  NOT cancer, cellular change.  Yes, it’s a possible precursor to cancer, but not definitive.  One study did a comparison between cell phone radiation and regular, nuclear type radiation.  Guess what?  Nuclear radiation is much, much worse for you. 

I’ve included the full abstracts on my website: under what do I treat and Electromagnetic Radiation Concerns.  Or you can just click here

My biggest issue with this is that stress is directly linked to cancer risk.  Stressing about your cell phone usage while continuing to use it is bad for your health.  We all need to understand that we are bathed in a low dose radio level radiation all the time.  A cell phone is just one small part of that.  For those who want the best answer we have now:  no increase in cancer rates in cell phone users (but older people are getting more brain cancers, so overall the rates are rising). 



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