Posted by: Chris Maloney | February 7, 2011

What Does Exercise Do To Weight Loss?

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I get very grumpy when doctors keep telling their patients it’s all about calories.  The fat cells are full of hormones, and act as a reservoir to help the body balance out.  Abdominal fat is higher in cortisol-like hormones, while buttock weight actually opposes those hormones. 

Exercise will move those hormones around, but it doesn’t do so in a straight forward, more = better mode.  The important aspect of exercise is to increase the metabolism without exhausting the body.  But you need to have someone work through the whole program with you, because exercising and then filling up on carbohydrates right afterward can send your body into a storage mode. 

The key thing to remember about exercise and weight loss is that each of us is an individual.  Books are great, but they tend to give generic advice.  What works for your body long term is not going to involve some sort of draconian boot camp routine (unless you really like that sort of thing). 

I’ve given a longer answer on my website under What Does Exercise Do To Weight Loss?



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