Posted by: Chris Maloney | February 6, 2011

Guess Who’s To Blame for Fat Kids? Working Moms!

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Oh, I know.  Working moms have been fattening those kiddies up for years.  The study was tracking behaviors but did not track what the kids were eating.  That’s right, when you don’t track things like food, secondary things like mom working start to look like “cause and effect.”  It occurs to me that before we start blaming moms we should look to the fast food restaurants of the world.  But look, a second article, talking about “healthy fast food restaurants.”  Isn’t that an oxymoron (a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms)?  Guess what?  The golden arches made number eight.  I realize that McDonald’s has been pushing oatmeal lately (going for the senior crowd) but we cannot forget Supersize Me!  If you haven’t watched, have a medical person in the room.  It’s great to have us gasp at his liver numbers.  His liver was really inflamed, but you must have a sense of the “normal” numbers to get the horror of how bad off he got. 

Evidently our fast food restaurants are healthy, so those working moms must be feeding their kids straight lard from the tub at home.  I can see it now:  after a long day and a quick stop at the super duper healthy fast food restaurant, those evil working moms chain their kids to the television/computer monitor and make their kids eat their body weight in saturated fats

Really?  Which sick publicity company decided to spin this news for the benefit of the fast food industry.  How about a real title?  We Eat Terribly in America And It Shows (Sorry Canadians, I’m grouping you in with us, although you still have better statistics than we do.  Despite socialized medicine…)



  1. Here’s the other option–it’s witches (you know, like the one in Hansel and Gretel, fattening the kiddies up for a meal). Of course, either way, it’s a woman’s fault. Yeow!

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