Posted by: Chris Maloney | February 2, 2011

How Not To Lose Weight: HCG “homeopathic”

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Ok, let’s give a little history.  Back in the 1970’s a Dr. Simeon came up with a fairly intense diet.  He put people on five hundred calories and they lost weight.  So far, no big surprise.  But Simeon also injected people with HCG, the “positive pregnancy test” hormone.  The initial results were upbeat, and he wrote that he’d solved the weight loss problem.  But when they used either HCG or water injections, HCG did no better than water.  Lots of studies, no effect (many studies listed on my website).  So Simeon was lost in the weight loss rubbish heap. 

What resurrected Simeon was not scientific research.  It was a man named Kevin Trudeau.  Now Mr. Trudeau has given alternative medicine some amazing publicity.  He is very good at selling ideas.  I do not honestly approve of how Mr. Trudeau sells ideas, and I do not think that Mr. Trudeau is particularly interested in following through on those ideas once he’s sold them.  If you follow Mr. Trudeau’s career, he is officially blocked from selling anything but books.  I think we should put him in the service of the country so he can sell peace to the middle east. 

  So Mr. Trudeau found Simeon’s information, did the diet himself, and lost weight.  Then he wrote a book about weight loss and is telling us all that he’s found the cure for the obesity epidemic. 

Many Naturopathic Doctors, Holistic Doctors, and conventional Doctors across the country have jumped on the bandwagon.  Months of appointments and medical oversight are very large draws for practitioners. 

Patients do lose weight, and the addition of the HCG provides them with the hope and inspiration to keep going on what is by any definition a starvation diet (Somalis receiving fewer than 900 calories a day are considered starving.  The prisoners in Auschwitz received 1700 calories a day.)

But the use of HCG is not supported, and we will see it “debunked” again, destroying the hope of those who can least afford to lose it.  Any practitioner considering HCG injections should at least look at injecting leptin, or adiponectin, or one of the active fat hormones that really do affect body fat distribution.  We have at least one positive prospective study, and the mechanism of action is at least plausible. 

But anyone who has looked at my website ( under What Do I Treat and Weight Loss will see that I’ve explored this issue for years now.  Weight loss is a complex issue and not simply calorie counting.  But any blanket cure for weight is unlikely to be effective long term.  A crucial aspect of weight loss is learning how your individual body functions best.  That isn’t something you will find in a book.  It is something that you need to work on with a trusted medical advisor. 

Now the internet has produced “homeopathic” HCG, which is neither homeopathic nor really HCG.  So find someone you trust, don’t starve yourself and swallow drops. 



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