Adrenal Fatigue: Really Tired.

Symptoms of Stress
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The patients I see know that they are tired.  I disagree with Dr. Hotze about treating people who don’t have symptoms.  I also don’t have his confidence in bioidentical hormone replacement.  If you have no symptoms, your body is not bad enough off to need any medical involvement. 

The term adrenal fatigue is not widely accepted.  But neither is adrenal failure.  I once had a patient who was fainting every hour.  We kept him awake (and alive) for two weeks until the local hospital finally agreed that he was in adrenal failure, testing him for everything else before.  They gave him hormonal support and he was fine. 

So the term adrenal fatigue simply means progressive fatigue without a clear cause.  If you don’t sleep for months and feel fatigue, that’s not adrenal fatigue.  But if you are sleeping, and just don’t get your energy back, then you’ve got an issue, whatever you call it. 

That said, I think adrenal fatigue can be reversed without bioidentical involvement.  It’s very important to use the least intense interventions to gently correct the body.  Many people are able to see rapid improvement in their situations without resorting to hormones. 


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