The Weather: We’re Getting Snow.

Golf cart bridge over US 27/US 441
Image via Wikipedia

I’m not sure why this is surprising.  What is surprising is that Florida is going to be down to 32 degrees.  That’s pretty cold, especially when you’re driving around in an open golf cart.  I’d button up those plastic flaps, people!  Up here, make sure you have enough oil and think about staying home or driving slow. 

It always seems like we’re preparing for the next terrible snow, but it doesn’t sound that much different from the last storm.  Right now we don’t have quite enough snow for the ski runs, which is about the Maine equivalent to not enough rain for crops.  So let’s all take a day by the fire, celebrate the snow with some hot chocolate, and be glad we’re not in Florida.  For an entirely different take on the weather, watch this guy. 

Tell me what you think!

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